Book Testimonials

The Roadmap Ends Here creates an instruction book for young people emerging into adulthood and transitioning from being a student to being a professional. As a dietitian, Gila has long nurtured the body and with her new book, she nurtures the soul. Her honest, autobiographical expressions of the frustrations and joys of facing an unknown future are thoughtfully presented in a way that will empower and resonate for young adults who are ‘figuring out’ what lies ahead. The road to entering adulthood is made easier to traverse thanks to Gila’s forthright and positive inspirations.”

J.R.    Newton, MA


“I have enjoyed reading Gila Daman’s book very much. I find it refreshingly candid, full of wisdom, wit, and humor. Gila has captured important aspects of growing into adulthood. Since we would all do well to keep growing and maturing throughout life, teens and adults of all ages can be enriched from reading this book!”

A.E.     Bronx, NY


“Reading Gila’s Roadmap felt as if I was not only actually talking to her at each step of the way, but also reconnecting with myself. The all-access pass to her experiences provides comfort and provokes thought. I was particularly inspired by how it allowed traditionally mundane objects and interactions to trigger opportunities for self-reflection and lessons for learning.”

A.D.     New York, NY


“Gila’s personal musings on the challenges of embracing adulthood and the professional world will resonate strongly with high achieving young women and young men who have found the academic world predictable and fairly easy to tackle. Her honest examination of her own flaws, her upbeat outlook, and her right-on-point metaphors will hopefully inspire her readers to pause, reflect, and embrace humor as they forge ahead and aim to master the unpredictable game of life. Young adults facing this period of life as well as parents who have hoped to prepare their children for it can learn a lot from this articulate, mature and optimistic writer.”

L.R.     New Rochelle, NY