Taking a Leap of Faith, Part 2: A Puzzle Pieced Together, Unbeknownst to Me

In my last blog post, I spoke about the leap of faith I took with moving to Atlanta.  Today I would like to relay a very special moment that I had, one that made me more confident in having taken that leap of faith.

Every time we visited this community in Atlanta, my heart sang. The people in the synagogue were so welcoming, the trees were so abundant, and I loved the meals, hikes, and conversations I shared with my cousins who live here. Something in my heart was pulling me to Atlanta. I felt that great things were waiting for me there, even though I didn’t know exactly what they were, and I had trepidation about the fact that neither my husband nor I had jobs there (I have my nutrition private practice here, but that takes a while to build up!).

Thank G-d, as I had hoped, we have been meeting more and more lovely, warm people in Atlanta, and enjoying the beautiful, healing nature—the park with hiking trails in our backyard (literally!), and the pool which allows me to finally once again swim on a regular basis!

But job hunting is never easy, and there have been days when I have felt less than hopeful.

Today I had one of the moments which injected me with hope. A positive connection that came completely out of the blue in the most unexpected of ways.

I was sorting through some nutrition and wellness papers to organize them into their respective file folders, when I came upon an article in which I was interviewed by WebMD. I was actually interviewed a second time by the same journalist two years later, and each time I was quite excited that I got to be published in a health and wellness magazine—a childhood dream of mine!

I had been interviewed as Jacobi Medical Center’s outpatient pediatric dietitian who helped to spearhead the community garden for the family weight management group I led. In seeing this article, I remembered that I had not yet emailed this journalist to let her know that I had left Jacobi and moved to Atlanta.

I decided that now was as good of a time as ever to shoot her an email and let her know that I was no longer at Jacobi to do these interviews. Then I thought, may as well call her first, since explaining it over the phone would be a much more effective way to reintroduce myself and catch her up.

I dialed her number and lo and behold she picked up! I reminded her of our previous connection and caught her up on my move. It turns out that the woman who did the recipe portion of the articles for which I was interviewed lives in Atlanta and is very well-connected. In fact, WebMD is based in Atlanta.

There is a saying regarding Joseph going down to Egypt that G-d gave the refuah (cure), before He gave the makah (affliction). I stared at a copy of the first WebMD article for which I was interviewed. The name of this woman, the dietitian who worked on the recipes for the article, was listed right below that of the journalist who interviewed me and authored the article.

In the spring of 2014, and then again in the summer of 2016, I was literally on the same page as a dietitian who would later serve as a resource for me in a city hundreds of miles away in which I didn’t even know I would one day be living.

No matter what comes of my connection with this dietitian in Atlanta, I am grateful.

It seems G-d knew all along where I would be headed, and He connected me more than 3 years ago to a source of assistance in this future reality.

Or another way to put it—it was at that time that G-d planted the seeds (pun very much intended, as these were interviews about vegetables we grew in the community garden ;)).



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