On Transitions and Anticipations, and Anticipations of Transitions

On my run this afternoon, on the heels of our wonderful visit to Atlanta, I had the following thoughts:

How can I handle all the emotions associated with possibly moving from NY to Atlanta? It’s so much change, excitement, and anticipation. And did I say change?

And how can I be here in NY and wait a whole 5 months until I even get to Atlanta!

And then, I thought, “The G-d who brought me to visit Atlanta is the G-d who will guide me in my transition to moving there.”

Right now He wants me to revel in the spring day of a NY February heat wave, and when the time is right, He will place me in my new home in Atlanta. 

G-d was with me then. He is with me now.  And he will guide me every step of the way.



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