Just Say No…To Broccoli 

Ordinarily, as a registered dietitian nutritionist, I would promote broccoli consumption. It was, after all, a Superfood in 2014!

But in the following story, broccoli played a not so favorable role.

I was getting my lunch this afternoon at a fabulous hospital cafeteria next to where I work. One of the main dishes offered was eggplant rollatini. A favorite of mine, taking after my father.

I was also extra pleased because I didn’t have to buy a separate veggie side since my main dish had it already! I said to the server “just eggplant rollatib please.” And he anyway went on to ask me if I wanted broccoli on the side.

Maybe I am just picking hairs here (not literally, of course- the food was delicious!) but I felt like the server was pressuring me to buy the extra broccoli side.
Of course, I know it is his job as a server to ask. Just as the cashier at the pizza place last night asked me if I wanted an (overpriced!) drink with my slice.
The point is, as someone who has struggled with people pleasing tendencies my whole life, this interaction struck a chord with me.

I don’t care if it’s broccoli, or a kiss, I really don’t like being asked for things that I clearly did not initiate. I know it is my decision whether or not to say yes, but, as a recovering people pleaser, I’d really prefer not being asked.



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