On Sugar and a Not-So-Sweet Victory – Part 2 

Here is some background to my presentation on sugar which I wrote about yesterday:

Five years ago I launched my first yoga class in a synagogue. I was so excited and I was even able to time it perfectly on my dad’s 70th birthday! With great numerical alliteration as well: 11-1-11.
A few weeks later I had to withdraw from teaching due to a back injury (non-yoga related) that I had incurred at the end of October.
Almost 5 years later to the date, I am proud to be part of another synagogue-based wellness campaign!
I am infinitely grateful to have arrived at this point. 
As hard and confusing as it was to have to let go of my dream 5 years ago, there is something so magical about today’s opportunity.
Only G-d knows where we will end up.
5 years ago I began a grueling journey of soul-searching. Today I feel blessed.


Conclusion: Looking at the big picture, I guess this really was a sweet victory after all!


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