Cherished Memories Transcending the Bounds of Time 

Setting up the tables for my father’s 10th memorial event I was reminded of when I helped put the silverware out at the weekly Hillel Friday night dinners as a Freshman in college.
The end of that year, the coordinator told me since I already knew the ropes, I should run for the position to be the following year’s coordinator. At first hesitant to take on this responsibility in addition to my rigorous pre-Med science coursework, I ended up going for it.
The second month of my rank as Hillel Friday night dinner coordinator, we hosted more than 700 people for Brandeis’ family weekend–more than double what we usually did.
Sitting with my parents in the large auditorium, I remember how proud my father was when the Hillel director thanked me for spearheading the set up of the dinner for that eventful night.
As a college sophomore, I was not yet a professional, but this role was a taste of what it would be like, and my dad was rooting for me with the biggest smile and the fullest heart.
This morning, placing the forks and knives onto the table for the 10th anniversary of his passing, I was catapulted back to this time.
Memorials seem to do that. No matter how many years it has been, we can access the deepest, purest, most treasured memories. The level of strength and poignancy exactly the same as when the event first occurred, transcending the bounds of time. 


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