Mansions and Inner Expansions

While going on one of my aforementioned jogs (see previous post), I came upon some beautiful, big houses. In the past when I have passed by mansions, I have felt awe. Awe at how talented and skillful the architect and builders of this project are, as well as awe of G-d’s wondrous creations, similar to that which I feel when visiting, for example, the Grand Canyon.

This time, however, I was hit by a different feeling. Each time I gazed at a beautiful, large mansion, I felt expansion in my heart. The mansion seemed to parallel the great potential that is inside of me. As I continue to hack away at several projects over the past few months, seeing these mansions affirmed within me that I have the capability to do what I have set out to achieve. It was a refreshing message of hope and opportunity. While the results may not be exactly as I foresee, I felt confident in the worthiness of my ventures.



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