The Healing Power of Teaching Art and Music in School

There is an ongoing conversation regarding the detriment of cutting art and music from schools.

I have another reason to add to this: 

Not only do art and music expand our overall intelligence and appreciation for the world, but they can be crucial outlets for mental health.

Speaking for myself, along with writing, I have used dance as a form of self-expression to guide me out of dark times in life. Whether it be an unhealthy relationship, or a difficult challenge at work – when I am ready to face my feelings- dance is a major vehicle for deep healing and self-acceptance.
As with Western medicine, schools have to be re-worked to focus more on prevention rather than treatment of illness. 

A child might be a great student and they may thrive in academia – but what if the real world poses challenges for them that they feel they cannot handle?

We need to teach children coping skills when they are young, so if/when the waves of the world become choppy, and life becomes difficult, they have the tools to help themselves deal with it. 
Art, music, dance, and writing, are examples of these tools. And I am grateful to see schools incorporating mindfulness into their curriculum, since it is a very valuable tool!

Let’s prepare children for more than just good grades. 

Let’s prepare them for a good life.


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